O50 – Groningen from a different perspective

Last winter I made a video about Groningen (a city in the netherlands). We had a school assignment to make a short video about the city of Groningen. The challenge was to visualise the feeling you get when you’re in the city.

I started thinking…

Groningen is such a beautiful city, so shooting some pretty video’s wasn’t a big deal. But I really wanted to make the video meaningful..

My goal was to describe the city in a poetic way. I wrote a little poem and recorded the voice over in the studio of my school. The voice-over had to fit with the video, so I asked my english teacher to speak with a British accent.

A long time has passed since I made this video. But at the time (and still) I was really proud of it!

It’s nice to see your progress, things like this keep me motivated to keep learning!