Before ill explain  this ‘inspirational’ page, I want to tell a little story.

Two years ago I started my new school, multimedia design at Alfa College Groningen. I was really excited, starting a new chapter in my live, well atleast, at school. For the first time I could go to school with a big smile on my face!

The first weeks, the only thing I could think about is making 3D logo’s. After a while, I noticed the video and animation courses were really nice aswell. So after a few months I bought a camera and started making video’s. During this time my Cinema4d skills were developing very fast. (Atleast I thought they were). I was happy and very satisfied 🙂




Then.. something happened.

We had to make a short portfolio animation about ourselves. I started thinking about my goals in life. Questions like ‘what do I like’ and ‘what i’m going to do after my school?’ started popping into my head. I figured it out. Well, not every step of the way, but an abstract way of thinking to stay motivated.

I made a short animation about setting goals in my life and working every day to reach those goals. You can watch it here

Everyone has bad day sometimes. I think those days are the days wich make you stronger. If you overcome your worst days, how good will your best days be?

Think about it…


Well, let’s get to it now!

I made this page not only for you, but also to remind myself of those things I just told you about. If you’ve red my other pages you’ll obviously know by now I’m aspiring to be a 3d artist one day. Nowadays almost my whole life is about making this dream come true.


But how do you keep yourself motivated?


Well I think I’m quite a standard person because of the two things I’m going to mention now. Over the two years I’m studying graphic design I managed to develop a quite personal style (well I think). An unique style wich fits with your personality is key to be succesful as a graphic designer. (In my opinion though, it doesn’t have to be true)

The music I love to listen Fits really well  with my style. Every time I listen to this music it gives me motivation to keep creating. Down below I’ll post some music I like to listen to. (it’s very.. ehm.. let’s call it ‘unique’ :).

I find clouds are just amazing.I love the structure and the formation of those weird things. Especially at the evening when the sun is peaking through. Beautiful. If your still reading this by now, Ill be sure to place some-self made cloud photographs aswell.

And remember, aspire to reach

The music I promised

I hope you’ll like it

Some clouds I was talking about

phothographs by me


This one was taken a while ago when I was traveling. I really like the formation in combination with the trees.


I love it when the sun is peaking through the clouds. You get the weirdest color schemes. Just amazing.

WhatsApp-Image-20160623 (1)

I live really close to the German border. You have those windmills spinning all day long. When it’s cloudy you get this composition. It’s really nice :)

Always feel free to contact me or leave a message below. I really want this page to be a nice place to share and inspire.